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January 14, 2013
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Req: Passing By by Shadow1237 Req: Passing By by Shadow1237
Shadow turned her head as adamn turned his also stopping for a moment before she walked on as adamn did the same....They always pass eachother...but never say a thing.
Okay, Here is a small crit, : D

1-The shading, It is kinda.. almost, Everywhere, Find a shading and an light source, Look up tutorials, It should help c:

2-Anatomy, The Anatomy could use work, Cats back legs have a tend to bend/The knee, In real life, Cats back legs aren't just 'straight' And their back, Also has a tend to curve, Their back just doesn't slide down into a large tail,

Curve it, and then attach the tail to the spine, Cats tail aren't thick like that, But tutorials/References should help : D

Background-The background doesn't look like you but effort into it much, It looks like you just scribbled it, and yet, There is still white spots everywhere on the ground and uncolored, Make sure to take your time when it comes to backgrounds.
and maybe add more depth into them, and add shading, c:
What do you think?
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The anatomy needs a few fixing. The back isn't just fur and the back. There needs to be a slant up to make Shadow look round at the end. As for the background you may want to add some details instead of just a small careless sketch. The shadow is fine, though you missed a few spots, the tail should also be curved and it doesn't start where the curve of the leg starts, there the round curve on the back ends is where you start the tail. The tail ends near the back parts of the leg. Shadow looks like his legs are too short, you may want to draw his back legs from under Shadow's belly to make him look like he's taller.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
7 out of 8 deviants thought this was fair.

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